Amazingly Simple Church Volunteer Management.

Regain your time spent managing your event volunteers in 30 days or less.

As a church volunteer team lead you spend hours coordinating, tracking and communicating with your volunteers about if, when, where and what events they will be serving at.

Say goodbye to endless emails, texts and phone calls to get your volunteers signed up for events. Konéo streamlines, simplifies, centralizes and automates your volunteer tracking, coordination and communication.

Konéo helps you easily keep track of your volunteers and the events they'll be serving at.

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— John Randolph

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Serving Events

Create events to keep track of where and when people serve. See a summary of your events to know what's covered and where help is needed.

Event Notifications

Event Notifications

Simplify and streamline team communication with email and text messages for volunteering needs, event sign up and check in, reminders, event notes, event check in, etc.

Team Directory

Team Directory

Manage your entire team directory, with photos, names, email addresses, phone numbers and more, in one place.

Team Member Profile

Team Member Profiles

View and manage the details about individual volunteers with profiles that contain all the information you need to keep up.

Konéo works on all your devices…desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones. There's nothing to download or install. Just go to the konéo web app in your browser, sign up and sign in. It's that easy.

Starting at only $19 a month.
That's less than 65 cents a day!

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